At twelve years of age, Kazuki is probably one of the most peculiar players in London. His technique is beyond perfection, almost unearthly. It only takes him few touches for you to realize you are witnessing something extraordinary.

When Kazuki does a step-over, the ball orbits around his ankle as if it was magnetized. When closed down by defenders he has the ability to create space that wasn’t originally there, and he does all of this at an unbearable speed. How does he do this you ask? His answer is practice. Thank you very much Kazuki. Of course it is, but his attention to details and execution is uncommon. He can spend months practicing on each foot to make sure he has perfect control of the ball. It might be a cliché, but let’s face it; his strength of mind and resolution is typically Japanese.

It is no surprise that Kazuki’s name has spread as quick as his dribbling. His current football team, Old Actonians, is the strongest in the West Middlesex Under 13 Premiership. Part of their success is definitely due to Kazuki’s ability to get through any defense with his hypnotizing moves.

But his most notable achievement to date was during his recent appearance in Spain at the Costa Blanca Cup, where he lifted the player of the tournament trophy with his futsal team, the West London Futsal Club, who became the first English team to reach the Cup final.

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