Zova, music and football

ZOVA provides a new way of thinking about the relationship between music and sports. It offers a form of training that can be performed independently, by any player, at any skill level, in any location.

The programme fills a gap in the football training market by allowing amateur football players to develop technical skills through music and rhythm. The only prerequisites are a football and digital media player.

To date, no other commercial product synchronizes meticulous rhythms with specific training exercises as a means of developing technical skill, mobility, dynamic movement and creativity in sport.

“We wanted to prove that in sports generally, and in football in particular, having a sense of rhythm and a personal style of movement can not only enhance a player’s individual performance, but also create a more enjoyable experience and a beautiful spectacle to watch for the public”, say founders Tonkin and McCarthy.

“We want kids and footballers alike to experience that any nationality and race has its own rhythm and that one does not have to be Brazilian or Latin to make football ‘bonito’”.

ZOVA is the world’s first music and rhythm‐based sports training programme. ZOVA is a product of Movement In Time Limited, United Kingdom, which is a company co‐founded by music producer James P.Tonkin and ex‐footballer/coach Niall McCarthy.

ZOVA Football is available at www. zova.com and on the iTunes Store.

For more information, please visit www.zova.com.

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