The winner of the GFE would receive expert coaching from England Legends.

Ivory fc entered the competition with an inspiring attitude and an excellent showcase of the team and players.

“We are just a group of Essex boys who have reunited to live out our dreams every Sunday morning,” said Ivory fc manager Will Rockett. “We have come so far since the club’s formation. We have been through so much together but we are yet to win anything. We dream of making the Brentwood Sunday League Premier Division and one day lifting a trophy.”

Nivea selected Ivory fc as one of the three finalists for the gfe. By displaying the drive and commitment that Nivea was looking for through a series of videos, Ivory fc proved they were capable of being champions and won the Great Football Experiment.

These lads from Essex were about to embark on the greatest football adventure of their lives.

Over the next six months, Ivory fc trained hard and improved their team bond on and off the field. With the help of top coaches, nutrition advice and brand new Umbro kits, the team was able to hold their own against a Celebrity team in a preseason match.While Ivory lost the game 4-0, it was obvious that the boys’ playing had improved.

In the season opener, Ivory started the match a little shaky, but came back in the end to win the game 2-1.

The final test of the gfe was a match against a team of England Legends. The Ivory boys proved they had become a fit, organised team and beat the Legends 2-1.

When Kevin Reid formed Ivory fc in 2007, he was just trying to prove his friends wrong by recruiting a team all on his own. The Great Football Experiment launched Ivory fc from a regular Sunday league team to amateur celebrity status.

Every game during this season has displayed the excitement of a league cup final. Ivory fc demonstrated that by staying dedicated and working hard, you can take your team beyond the Sunday league games and compete with the best.

Reid and Rockett, along with everyone else on the team, have contributed to Ivory fc’s success. Currently, Ivory fc is third in their league and in the semi finals of the league cup.

The videos they produce and stories they share are not only a great way to capture team memories, but also a gateway to better their football. Ivory fc has undergone an extraordinary sporting experience.

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